Classes are offered in a relaxed, friendly, and pressure free environment.
Classes are body positive and queer friendly. All ages welcome.
All students are encouraged to learn both the lead and follow in order to become stronger, more effective dancers.

 What is taught: 

  • Body Movement and Isolations
  • Connection
  • Timing/Rhythm
  • Footwork
  • Partnering

The body movement termed "cuban or contra-body motion" is the foundation of a great salsa dancer.  Without cuban motion the steps look flat and mechanical. The steps come to life when cuban motion is added to the basic salsa steps, making the dancer look fluid, graceful, and beautiful.
In each class I give basic isolation warm-up exercises geared toward improving your basic salsa step and cuban body motion. You will learn how to dance better and more effectively while improving agility and grace with body isolation exercises. All classes are currently taught 'on 1'.
You will learn how to connect with your center(core), your dance partner, and the music.  Connection starts with a strong core which is the importance of establishing a solid cuban body motion. You will learn how to improve your connection by using body movement (dancing from your core), eye contact, and good posture.
Listening to the music and dancing on time is as important as a good solid body movement foundation.  Nothing is more frustrating than dancing with a partner who is out of time with the music. You will learn to listen and connect with the music for a stronger dance foundation, making the dance more enjoyable for you and your partner. Good timing and rhythm will also make your connection to your partner stronger and more effective.
Once you have learned body motion, connection, and rhythm/timing, you will be ready to learn basic salsa footwork.  In Beginner classes you will learn the following footwork steps:


Basic level footwork is what you will need in order to move to partnering patterns.
In the beginner level classes you will learn the basic partnering patterns that will get you ready to dance in any social setting, a nightclub,  or parties.  Recommended to attend at least 8 weeks of beginner classes before moving to Intermediate level classes.
Beginner Level:

  • Basic
  • Cumbia with variations
  • Right Turn with variations
  • Left Turn with variations
  • Cross Body Lead
  • Back Break to Change of Places
  • Cross body lead with inside turn
  • Peek-a-boo to change of places
  • Hammerlock turn with variations
  • Walk-around patterns with variations  

Once you have taken the recommend 8 weeks of Beginner classes you may be ready for intermediate lessons.  In these sessions you will learn a new pattern each week. You can choose to string all the patterns for the month together or just practice them separately.
In these classes students will be encouraged to try and use the patterns using their own variations thus developing their use of the techniques and creating their own patterns.
Occasional styling* tips for leaders and followers will be added to patterns as necessary. These classes are geared toward improving your basic salsa step by incorporting more advanced body movements, increased connection to partner and music, becoming fluid and natural with your dancing while having fun.  The patterns taught are meant to be clean and easy to lead and follow.
*STYLING: Styling is a very individual part of salsa dance which you will learn to incorporate as you have been dancing for awhile.  Some students' are very interested to learn styling right away without first having a strong foundation. Styling will come more naturally with time and attention paid to basic body movement.  If styling is added to the dance without first having a strong foundation, it may appear contrived and plastic instead of fluid and natural.  Part of the styling techniques that will be taught will incorporate cuban body motion and connection to your partner and the music.
For students wanting to focus on improving their dancing techniques with styling, I encourage private lessons or special styling workshops.